Zone Living: Healthy Aging

Why Living in the Zone is Important

There is a big difference between healthspan and life span

Healthspan is defined as longevity minus years of disability. Increasing your healthspan is key for achieving healthy aging. At the molecular level, increasing your healthspan means reducing diet-induced inflammation especially using OmegaRx 2.

Eating fewer calories with adequate protein is another key to healthy aging

Calorie-restriction with adequate protein is another key to healthy aging as long as you are never hungry or tired. PastaRx makes that feasible when you are using it as your primary source of protein in Zone meals.

Extend the quality of your years using the Zone Diet and by reducing excess free radicals

The Zone Diet supplemented with polyphenols is the last dietary key to healthy aging. These powerful gene-activating agents found in low concentrations in fruits and vegetables provide gene therapy by helping to activate the body’s antioxidant, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory genes.

Getting Started:

Always start with the Zone Diet as your dietary foundation. Then use our recommended products to help pave your road to healthy aging.


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Slow aging and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease:

Success Stories

Fabio GiacominiFabio Giacomini – Surfboarder Slows Down the Human Aging Process

Fabio Giacomini is a well-known Italian surfboard and paddleboard shaper and president of the Italian Sup and Surfing Federation. He decided to try and see if he could feel stronger and healthier by following the Zone. He’s also followed the Zone anti-aging program, which slows down the natural human aging process. (Read More)

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