If you are looking for a diet to shed excess pounds, to dramatically reduce your risk of chronic disease and improve your mental and physical performance while living a longer more fulfilling life, then look no further than the Zone Diet.* The Zone Diet is not a clever marketing term, but a life-long dietary program based on exceptionally strong science to reduce diet inflammation.


The Zone is a real physiological state in your body that can be measured in clinical tests that are routinely used at Harvard Medical School. If you are in the Zone, you have optimized your ability to control diet-induced inflammation. This type of inflammation is the reason you gain weight, become sick, and age faster.*


Here is a list of the benefits of being in the Zone:

  • Losing excess body fat at the fastest possible rate*
  • Maintaining wellness for a longer period of time*
  • Performing better*
  • Thinking faster*
  • Slowing down the rate of aging*


The only way to reach the Zone and stay there for a lifetime is by your diet. The Zone Diet is not a diet, but a blueprint for how to balance a meal to optimize your hormonal response for the next five hours, thus allowing you to control the levels of inflammation in your body. All you need is a hand, an eye, and a watch to follow this blueprint for life and to dramati­cally reduce your risk of obesity and the other major chronic diseases associated with diet-induced inflammation.*

Low Fat Protein

Following the Zone Diet blueprint is easy. At every meal, divide your plate into three equal sections. (You need an eye for that.) On one-third of the plate put some low-fat protein that is no larger or thicker than the palm of your hand (that’s because some hands are larger than others).This doesn’t have to be animal protein, but it has to be protein-rich. For vegans this means either extra-firm tofu or soy-imitation meat products. For lacto-ovo vegetarians, it can also include dairy and egg protein-rich sources in addition to vegan sources of protein. For omnivores, the choice of proteins is even wider.

Next, fill the other two-thirds of your plate with colorful carbohydrates, primarily non-starchy vegetables and small amounts of fruits to balance the protein as shown below.

Here are two very practical hints when it comes to carbohydrates. First, the more white (white bread, white pasta, white rice, and white potatoes) you put on your plate, the more inflammation you are going to create. Second, the more non-starchy vegetables you consume and the fewer grains and starches you eat (ideally none), the better the results. Scientifically, it’s called lowering the glycemic load of the meal.

Finally, you add a dash of fat (that’s a small amount). The fat should be rich in monounsaturated fat, and low in omega-6 and saturated fats. This could be olive oil, guacamole, or nuts.

Colorful Carbohydrates

Now, why do you need the watch? If you have balanced your plate correctly, then for five hours after the meal, you will not be hungry because you have stabilized blood sugar levels. Because of those stable blood sugar levels, you will also have peak mental acuity for the same time period. The lack of hunger and improved mental focus also indicate that you have been successful in reducing inflammation in your body during that same five-hour period.

That’s it. It seems easy enough, except you have to do it every five hours for the rest of your life to maintain hormonal balance and the resulting control of inflammation. That’s a small price to pay for a longer and better life. And if you have a bad meal (and we all will), don’t worry, since you are only one meal away from getting back into the Zone.

Since the Zone concept is simply a blueprint to balance your plate, this makes it compatible with all dietary philosophies, ranging from vegan to paleo. The balance on the plate doesn’t change, only the food ingredients you use to fill in the Zone blueprint.


If you balance your plate according to the Zone Diet blueprint, you end up with a Zone Food Pyramid that looks like the following:
Zone Food Pyramid

The Zone Food Pyramid looks somewhat like the traditional Mediterranean diet, except that the grains and starches in the Zone Diet are dramatically restricted and replaced by even greater amounts fruits and vegetables. This seemingly small change provides dramatic hormonal and anti-inflammatory benefits. You should consider the Zone Diet to be the evolution of the traditional Mediterranean diet to higher level of hormonal and inflammatory control that provide the benefits of being in the Zone.


The Zone Diet was developed by Dr. Barry Sears more than 30 years ago to reduce diet-induced inflammation. However, its anti-inflammatory benefits can be enhanced by supplementation with anti-inflammatory supplements.* The two most powerful are ultra-refined omega-3 fatty acids, such as OmegaRx®, and purified polyphenol supplements such as MaquiRx®.


Combining the Zone Diet with anti-inflammatory supplements provides the basis for the Zone Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition Program, which takes you back to the beginning of modern medicine when Hippocrates said, “Let food be your medicine, and the medicine be your food.” We finally have the breakthroughs in molecular biology to understand the power of those words and the importance of being in the Zone. The Zone Diet makes it possible with the least effort on your part.

Welcome to the Zone.

Reducing diet-induced inflammation is the key to better health, but requires following an anti-inflammatory diet for a lifetime. You can get started today with the help of a Zone Professional by calling us at 800-404-8171 at Zone Labs in Marblehead, Massachusetts.