Everyone needs some guidance for successful weight loss. With weight loss comes better health and a better life. This is why we have a variety of unique personal support and interactive tools to provide excellent resources to be used with the Zone Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

  • Body Fat Calculator
    Body Fat Calculator

    The Zone Diet Body Fat Calculator will not only provide you with your Body Fat Weight and Lean Body Mass, but it will also determine the amount of protein you need.

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  • Dining Out Tips
    Dining Out Tips

    You can stay in the Zone whenever you dine out if you follow these simple tips.

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  • Zone Recipes

    We have developed hundreds of anti-inflammatory recipes that are easy to make. The key to a successful anti-inflammatory meal is four to six hours of hunger suppression with the least amount of calories.

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  • Zone Restaurant Reviews
    Zone Restaurant Reviews

    Don’t know what to eat when dining out? Sherlock Zone has done all the work for you for most national chains.

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  • Ask Dr. Sears
    Ask Dr. Sears

    If you have questions in the areas of weight loss, wellness, athletic performance, and aging, then Dr. Sears has answers.

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  • Zone Living Newsletters
    Zone Living Newsletters

    View and download our archived monthly newsletters and keep up with The Zone!

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  • Lifestyle Video Tips
    Lifestyle Video Tips

    To help get you started, we’ve created 6 lifestyle videos teaching you how to use the various Zone Tools.

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  • Zone Food Journal
    Zone Food Journal

    Your ability to lose weight depends on your ability to know what you are eating. Let the Zone Food Journal help you.

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  • Zone Food Blocks
    Zone Food Blocks

    Use this as a reference to assemble meals and snacks in exact proportions.

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