Zone Living: Fat Loss

Do You Want to Lose Excess Body Fat Without Being Hungry?

Why Living in the Zone is Important

Hormonal control is critical for reducing excess body fat

Losing excess body fat is a consequence of improved hormonal control, not willpower. In particular, you have to reduce insulin resistance to reduce excess body fat. The Zone Diet, especially using PastaRx as a primary source of protein, reduces insulin resistance, the underlying cause of excess body fat, without hunger or fatigue.

You have to restrict calories without hunger or fatigue if you want to lose excess fat and keep it from returning

The only way to reduce excess body fat is to eat fewer calories. The Zone Diet with PastaRx as a primary source of protein makes that much easier without hunger or fatigue. Also, by supplementing with MaquiRx, you can help activate the enzyme that optimizes metabolism so you can maintain high energy levels while eating fewer calories. However, losing body fat is easier than keeping it from returning. That’s why the only way to keep the lost body fat from returning is to continue to follow the Zone Diet.

Diet-induced inflammation makes you fat and keeps you fat

Insulin resistance is caused by diet-induced inflammation. Increasing your intake of omega-3 fatty acids using OmegaRx 2 allows you to further reduce insulin resistance, and that can help you keep the excess weight off.

Getting Started:

Always start with the Zone Diet as your dietary foundation. Then use our recommended products to help with your weight management and fat loss journey.


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Success Stories

Tom Cross Kristen Ehrens – Cruising Down 20 Pounds, and Counting

Kristen Ehrens joined the Zone Cruise to the Panama Canal and lost 2 lbs in a week – eating Zone pizza, Zone pasta and Zone pastries, without hunger or tiredness. See how she lost 20 pounds overall, while treating her symptoms of multiple sclerosis. (Read more)

Tom Cross Noemi L. – Just 15 pounds from Goal and a New Life

Day One on the Zone became my life in the Zone…I am only 15 pounds from my initial goal. I am almost there. But I want to thank you for all of your extensive research and educating many how our bodies respond to food. Using food as my medicine has given me the knowledge and responsibility to eat healthier! Dr. Sears, your dedication, curiosity, and motivation to share with the world better eating habits by using the Zone method has been a blessing. (Read more)

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