Learn About the Importance of Fish-Oil Purity

Dr. Barry Sears has led the charge to lower the level of acceptable PCBs in fish oil. A new study that ties PCBs to heart disease risk is another reason to make sure you understand PCBs and fish-oil purity. In this short presentation, Dr. Sears gives you the data you need to be in the know on PCBs and fish oil.

Shake Up Spring with The Zone

Mary Perry, Zone Labs head of clinical trials and a registered dietitian, takes a quick look at how simple shakes can play a key role in a sensible nutritional plan to shed a few winter pounds.

Learn About “Clean Eating” in The Zone

Mary Perry, Zone Labs’ head of clinical trials and a registered dietitian, takes a quick look at what Clean Eating actually means. You may have heard of it at the gym or from a friend and wondered how it compares to The Zone. In this short presentation, Mary explains what it is and how it compares to – and works with – The Zone Diet.

Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition and The Zone Diet

Dr. Sears discusses the keys to staying in The Zone with a three-pronged approach to achieving success. In just a few minutes you’ll learn more about the science of reducing inflammation in your body and how diet can help keep it under control.

Why Do Diets Fail?

Controlling hunger is a key factor in successful weight management. In this video, Dr. Sears explains how Zone PastaRx makes dietary compliance easier whether your goal is weight loss or long-term weight control.

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