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How do I Obtain Optimal Fat Loss Results?

The Zone Diet helps you lose excess body fat as rapidly as possible. It’s only fat loss that produces all of the health benefits of weight loss. Weight loss alone can be misleading. It often consists of water loss or loss of muscle, neither of which have any health benefits. That’s why to you should focus your progress by reducing your total body fat, not just your weight.

The uniqueness of the Zone Diet is that it is based on your protein requirements, not your weight. You want to lose excess body fat, not muscle mass. The Body-Fat Calculator also helps you determine your daily personalized protein, carbohydrate and fat requirements based on your lean body mass and level of physical activity to do exactly that.

Build A Diet Based On Your Personal Protein Needs

Your results provide your personalized protein needs in the total of Zone Food Block requirements for an entire day. Spread this requirement over three meals and one or two snacks.

The typical female needs about 3 Zone Food Blocks (20 grams) of low-fat protein per meal (about 3 oz.) To balance each meal, add 3 blocks of carbohydrate and 3 blocks of fat. During the day, add in one or two snacks containing 1 block of protein (about 7 grams), plus 1 block of carbohydrate and 1 block of fat. See your personal recommendation above for your exact needs.

The typical male needs about 4 Zone Food Blocks (28 grams) of low-fat protein per meal (about 4 oz.). To balance each meal, add 4 blocks of carbohydrate and 4 blocks of fat. During the day, add one or two snacks with 1 block of protein (about 7 grams), plus 1 block of carbohydrate and 1 block of fat. See your personal recommendation above for your exact needs.

If you want to make Zone Meals on your own that are perfectly balanced to the right amount of Zone Blocks, then try hundreds of our Zone Recipes. Each recipe is 400 calories or less.

When you use Zone PastaRx as your protein source, appetite suppression is even greater, making it even easier to follow the Zone Diet. Try our  Zone PastaRx Recipes, too.

The Zone Diet is a protein-adequate diet personalized to your need unique requirements. You should never consume any more protein than your body requires, but never any less. The Zone Diet is also a calorie-restricted diet so that you will lose excess body fat without loss of muscle mass at the fastest possible rate. All of this is without hunger or fatigue because of the hormonal balance generated by the Zone Diet.

Why Knowing Your Percent Body Fat Is Important

Your Body Fat Percentage is your most important measurement to determine progress toward health. For relevance, this number must have relationship to real-life situations. According to American Council of Exercise men ideally should have 15% body fat, and women should ideally have 22% body fat. The same recommendations also state that a male is considered obese if he has more than 25% body fat and that a female is considered obese if she has greater than 32% body fat.

The fastest way to reduce your Zone Body Fat Percentage is lose excess fat especially since the ability to increase muscle mass becomes more difficult as we age. The Zone Diet provides a clinically proven pathway to lose excess body fat and maintain muscle mass without hunger or fatigue.

How does your current percentage of body fat compare to college athletes?

Sport Male % Body Fat Female % Body Fat
Baseball 12-15% 12-18%
Basketball 6-12% 20-27%
Football (running backs) 9-12% n/a
Football (linemen) 15-19% n/a
Gymnastics 5-12% 10-16%
High/long Jump  7-12% 10-18%
Distance Running 5-11% 10-15%
Rowing 6-14%  12-18%
Shot-putters 16-20% 20-28%
Sprinters 8-10% 12-20%
Swimmers 9-12% 14-24%
Volleyball 11-14% 16-24%
Ideal Non-Athlete 15% 22%

If you want to look like an athlete, then you have to get your body fat to the similar level of the type of athlete you want to look like. To get to the levels of body fat percentage found in college athletes requires the combination of the Zone Diet and intense physical training. Of course, the harder you train, the higher will be your protein, carbohydrate and fat requirements. Those increased levels are automatically calculated from your activity factor that you entered into the Zone Body Fat Calculator.

So are you are a person looking for better health by losing excess body fat? Or are you an elite athlete looking for improved performance? Either way, we hope the Zone Body Fat Calculator is an invaluable tool to help you achieve your goal.