Myths In Treatment of Childhood Obesity

We all know that obese children tend to be inactive. This leads to the “obvious” conclusion that the solution to childhood obesity is simply more exercise. But what if that conclusion is totally wrong?

A Dumb Diet from France With Longterm Risks

I never thought I would possibly criticize another new diet unless it was either dangerous or just plain foolish. The new Dukan diet from France is both.

New Food Trends May Be Dysfunctional

As our obesity epidemic gets worse and the general health of Americans continues to decline, people are always searching for new food trends to make us thinner, happier and smarter.

What Is The Mediterranean Diet?

Today we continually hear about the health benefits of following a Mediterranean diet. For example, a recent analysis of more than 50 published studies indicated that a Mediterranean diet would lead to a 30-percent reduction in metabolic syndrome (1). Since metabolic syndrome can be considered pre-diabetes, the public health implications are enormous. However, are we… Read more »

The No-Guilt Story On Chocolate

Chocolate is big business, generating about $50 billion in annual worldwide sales. But is it good medicine?

Blaming the Brain on Weight Gain

If you are apparently addicted to food, the answer may very well lie in an anti-inflammatory diet coupled with high-dose fish oil.