3 Truths and a Lie, from Zone Diet

Test your Zone knowledge and spot the lies. There are 5 questions with 4 statements each, one of which is a lie:

  • Spot at least 3 of 5 lies and earn 10% off your next Zone purchase
  • Spot all 5 lies and earn 15% off your next Zone purchase

Enjoy a slew of remarkably true facts…and some completely bogus lies. See if you can spot the lie. Your future wellness may depend on it.

Note: One discount per customer, and valid through 8/12/16.

1. Something’s fishy here… Can you catch the lie?


2. How well do you know the ingredients? Which one is bogus?


3. Maqui madness, try to figure out which fun fact about Maqui is fake…


4. Which statements don’t balance?


5. Pasta anyone? Which pasta fact doesn’t hold it’s water?