Work alongside Dr. Barry Sears, and earn money to buy your own Zone products!

Dr. Sears with affiliates and colleagues
  • Use your knowledge of anti-inflammatory nutrition to help others as Dr. Sears has.
  • Share Zone information with your family, friends and people in your personal networks to better the wellness of those around you.
  • Earn a residual income while doing something that makes you feel good.

Become a Zone Affiliate today!

What is the Zone Affiliate Program?

As a Zone Labs customer, we know you have a passion for helping people with their health and nutrition goals. Your family, friends and people in your personal networks may need a helping hand to achieve their wellness goals. The Zone Affiliate Program was designed so you can help and make a difference in people’s lives.

In return for your efforts to help bring new customers into the Zone community, Zone Labs will help you earn money that can potentially be spent on your own Zone products and you may even earn some extra cash.

Zone Labs will provide a 10% commission for every dollar you refer to Zone Labs in consumable products. Better yet, once a customer makes a purchase that you are attributed to, you will receive 10% of that customer’s online and phone sales as a commission for as long as you remain a Zone Affiliate in good standing.

The only requirement we have of you in becoming a Zone Affiliate is that you are a Zone Advantage customer yourself. Why is that a requirement? We want to assure that our Zone affiliates who are part of our team are actively engaged with Zone products themselves. This way, they can talk the talk, because they walk the walk.

Note: Due to international distribution agreements, you must be a resident of the United States to become a Zone Affiliate.

How does the Zone Affiliate Program work?

Getting started as a Zone Affiliate is simple:

  1. Sign up – If you’re ready, sign-up now. There are no obligations.
  2. Once approved, when you login to the Zone website, you will have access to your personal Zone Affiliate Program account.
  3. Receive your own website – Affiliates are provided with a custom website URL by a Zone Labs administrator. For example:
  4. Refer traffic to your website – Whether through email, social media, or word-of-mouth, you can send people to your personal site.
  5. Monitor Your Referred Sales as They Occur – Log in to access the “Back Office” and track sales from people you refer to Zone Labs.
  6. Receive a check each month – Receive a pay-out for every month that you earn a commission greater than $5. (A processing fee of $3 will be debited from each check).

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