Before taking the Zone Health Coach Certification Test to qualify you as an anti-Inflammatory nutrition expert, purchase and read the Zone library of books by Dr. Barry Sears.

You must achieve 100% correct answers to be certified as a Zone Health Coach. You may re-take the test as often as needed to answer all questions correctly.

Once you are certified, you will receive a commission of  15% of the total product sales of your direct customers (including autoship orders). You will also receive a commission of 10% of the qualified commissionable volume of your Coordinator, Manager and Exective coaches within your Zone Health Coach sales organization.

Thank you for your interest in becoming certified in anti-inflammation nutrition, and good luck on the test!

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1. Which of the following is not a drug used to alter inflammatory eicosanoids?


2. Building muscle requires adequate leucine at each meal as well as stabilizing insulin levels between meals.


3. If you have high circulating levels of which hormone, you are likely to be overweight, age faster, and become sicker?


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