Reduction of chronic inflammation

Our definition of wellness is your ability to reduce cellular inflammation. The fastest way to do that is to increase the resolution process of inflammation, followed by reducing the initiation of diet-induced inflammation.

Our recommended products for increasing the resolution of inflammation are OmegaRx 2 and MaquiRx. The best product for managing diet-induced inflammation is the PastaRx, which supports the anti-inflammatory Zone Diet by helping to significantly reduce the generation of diet-induced inflammation.

Watch Dr. Barry Sears discuss the wellness benefits of fish oil…

Watch Dr. Barry Sears discuss the wellness benefits of polyphenols…


Dr. Ashok G. PatelDr. Ashok G. Patel – Dr. Patel Spreads Zone Principles to Impact Patient’s Lives

Dr. Ashok Patel was born and raised in Central Africa and graduated from medical school in India in 1972. In 1974, he moved to London and worked as a physician. In late 1978, he moved to the United States to pursue his career as a medical doctor. It wasn’t until 2003 that Dr. Patel was influenced by Dr. Sears, in what would ultimately influence the wellness of many of his patients. (Read More)

Dr. Ashok G. PatelBecky Lavelle – From Pro Triathlete to Stay-at-Home Mom

Five years ago, Becky Lavelle was racing full-time as a Pro Triathlete, traveling the world to compete and earn a living. Today, she’s a mom in the Zone. (Read More)

Kelly FitzsimmonsKelly Fitzsimmons – College Intern Personalizes Her Zone
Kelly Fitzsimmons was a college student who utilized Zone resources to help individualize, balance, and plan her daily life. The Body Fat Calculator, Food Blocks, Daily Food Journal, Insulin Resistance Quiz and Cellular Inflammation Test Kit all came in handy. (Read More)