Reduction of chronic inflammation

Our definition of wellness is your ability to reduce cellular inflammation. The fastest way to do that is to increase the resolution process of inflammation, followed by reducing the initiation of diet-induced inflammation.

Our recommended products for increasing the resolution of inflammation are OmegaRx and MaquiRx. The best product for managing diet-induced inflammation is the Zone PastaRx, which supports the anti-inflammatory Zone Diet by helping to significantly reduce the generation of diet-induced inflammation.


Dr. Barry Sears – The Zone Diet and Wellness

1) Fish Oil and Wellness

2) Test, Don’t Guess

3) Polyphenols and Wellness


Dr. Ashok G. Patel

January 2003 was a turning point in my personal health when I read an article by Dr. (Steve) Sinatra in which he interviewed Dr. Barry Sears regarding the use of fish oil in weight management. I read the book: “The OmegaRx Zone: The Miracle of the New High-Dose Fish Oil”.  I ordered the fish oil and started taking four capsules daily. I also had my daughter take four capsules as she was giving us a gift of becoming first-time grandparents, and Dr. Sears has very clearly outlined the need for pregnant women to take a highly refined fish oil for fetal growth especially for the neuronal development.

My grandson was born July 2003, and I have seen his growth, vision and memory out perform his peers. He still takes his fish oil. My daughter is pregnant again, and when she had her first prenatal check-up, her obstetrician told her she needs to take 500mg. of omega-3 supplement. My daughter told him that she takes 2.5 grams of EPA and DHA, and she was taking it during her first pregnancy. Our future is in our children, and I have been so fortunate to read Dr. Sears’ books and research so that my grandchildren will have better health.

As a physician I have been able to advise my patients about the benefits of high-dose, ultra-refined fish oil. If I come across a pregnant woman, I have to tell her of fish oil and no other fish oil but OmegaRx. Other improvements I’ve seen in my patient population include improvement in fertility, diminished headaches and fine tremors, and improvements in skin conditions to name a few. I have personally ordered almost 100 AA/EPA tests on my patients and several family members and on me alone six times in the last three years. I have maintained my ratio of the fatty acids AA/EPA between 1.5-2.0 following the Zone Diet and taking OmegaRx capsules. My most stunning testimonial with regards to the test comes from a patient whose initial SIP ratio was 49.5. At age 32 he complained of tiredness all the time even after a good night’s sleep. His routine tests put him in the diabetic category. I started him on high doses of fish oil, a multi-vitamin, chromium and other appropriate supplements. I also advised him to follow the Zone Diet, exercise (walk), meditate and do yoga and told him to come back in two months. His SIP test after was1.8 and all his routine tests were within normal range. No sign of diabetes.