Reduction of insulin resistance: Your fat is on fire

Weight gain is caused by increased diet-induced inflammation, not lack of willpower. Diet-induced inflammation increases your hunger and causes you to store fat instead of burning it for energy. The result is you are constantly hungry and fatigued as you continue to gain weight. The only way to reverse weight gain and keep it off is by following the anti-inflammatory Zone Diet.

Our recommended product in the Zone Diet anti-inflammatory program to significantly reduce hunger, help you lose weight, and increase satiety is the PastaRx. Our recommended products to help increase the conversion of stored fat to chemical energy by putting out the inflammatory fire in your fat cells are OmegaRx 2 and MaquiRx.

Watch Dr. Barry Sears discuss the obesity epidemic…


Tom CrossKristen Ehrens – Cruising Down 20 Pounds, and Counting

Kristen Ehrens joined the Zone Cruise to the Panama Canal and lost 2 lbs in a week – eating pizza, pasta and pastries, without hunger or tiredness. See how she lost 20 pounds overall, while treating her symptoms of multiple sclerosis. (Read More)

Tom CrossNoemi L. – Just 15 pounds from Goal and a New Life

Day One on the Zone became my life in the Zone…I am only 15 pounds from my initial goal. I am almost there. But I want to thank you for all of your extensive research and educating many how our bodies respond to food. Using food as my medicine has given me the knowledge and responsibility to eat healthier! Dr. Sears, your dedication, curiosity, and motivation to share with the world better eating habits by using the Zone method has been a blessing. (Read More)