By Mary Perry, Zone Director of Clinical Trials

Zone Tricks to Control Halloween Treats
Halloween is just around the corner, but it doesn’t have to be a dieting nightmare. Here are a few tricks on how to take the fright out of dealing with all those treats.

1. Forego the Bargains – You can’t go too many places without being bombarded with a bowl of candy or a sale at the supermarket or drugstore. Rather than trying to take advantage of the “deals”, wait until the last minute to buy your Halloween treats. This will lessen the amount of time candy is in the house and limit the temptation to dig into those bags before Halloween arrives.

2. Buy Candy You Don’t Like – If you know Snickers and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are your downfall, avoid buying them altogether. Choose candy that isn’t a big temptation or one you know you can exercise portion control with.

3. Consider Non-Candy Treats – If you live in a neighborhood with younger kids, consider giving out small bags with non-candy treats like Halloween stickers, pencils, tattoos or popcorn. With all the candy they’ll get, this is something fun for them to receive plus your waistline will thank you too!

4. Eat Before You Go – Whether you’re going to a Halloween party, socializing with neighborhood friends or taking the kids out, make sure you eat before you go. By having a meal or snack with protein and healthy carbohydrates prior to leaving, you’ll be less apt to overindulge.

5. Allow for a Small Indulgence – Don’t deprive yourself completely from enjoying in some of the Halloween festivities, just plan for your indulgence. If you want to have a few pieces of candy, go for the fun-size version vs. full size or look at the nutrition facts prior to eating so you can gauge how much you want to allot yourself (100-200 calories). Just remember to tie your treats in with some kind of protein or following a meal or snack to avoid spiking your blood sugar levels too much.

6. Give It Away – Just remember, Halloween is only one day, and it doesn’t have to begin the slippery slope through the holiday season. If you have leftover candy, consider donating it or bringing it into the office for your co-workers. Let the kids choose which candy they like and put aside into small bags. Whatever is left over put in the freezer or in a place out of sight to avoid the temptation to go back for more.

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