By Mary Perry, Zone Labs’ Director of Clinical Trials

The Zone Diet is not a weight-loss program per se, but a clinically validated dietary system to reduce cellular inflammation throughout the body and in the process control hunger. To help get you started, we’ve created lifestyle tips article, as well as videos that teach you how to use the various Zone tools. From Summer eating, to how to keep a food journal, to making a Zone meal, to benefits of supplementation, our goal is to make your quest for better health as simple as possible.

5 Foods You Should Be Eating More of Right Now

Top 5 Foods You Should Be EatingThe warm weather is setting in which means it’s time to put the winter clothes away for good and maybe shed a few pounds! Food is the best medicine and defender of your health. Here are our top 5 food picks that you should eat more of – starting now.

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8 Ways To Get Healthier, Right Now

8 Ways to get HealthierSpring will be here before you know it. Now is the time to begin shedding that winter weight, become healthier, get organized, start saving, and live life to the fullest. You want to become healthier, and we’d like to help get you there and stay there.

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Zone Basics: Equipping Your Kitchen for Weight Loss

Equip Your Kitchen for Weight LossKnowing the difference in our organization habits may actually prove beneficial when trying to equip our kitchen to aid in our weight loss efforts. For some of us, if it’s not easily seen it’s not a temptation, but for others if we know where it’s hidden we’re better off having it out of the house completely. Here are some ideas on how to make your kitchen more Zone-friendly.

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6 things that lead to a fluctuating scale during the holiday season

Contributing Factors to Holiday Weight GainWith the holiday season in full gear some of us may abandon the scale all together or wonder why there are big fluctuations from day to day. Poorer eating habits, holiday parties, stress, lack of sleep and being out of routine are just some of the culprits. Here are some other contributors to a fluctuating scale.

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Beyond the Scale with the Zone Diet

Benefits of the Zone Diet Beyond Weight LossMany of us judge the success of a dietary program based on the number we see on the scale rather than how we feel. When starting the Zone, some of the benefits you’ll begin to notice are appetite suppression for 4-6 hours, good mental focus, increased physical energy and a significant decrease in your carbohydrate cravings.

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7 Fall Vegetables that Pack a Nutrition Punch

Zone Nutrition from VegetablesFall is a great time of year to expand your palate with a variety of new tastes and flavors that fresh produce has to offer. Take advantage of all the various colors from the reds of radicchio, the yellows and oranges of peppers, the greens of broccoli and Brussels sprouts, to the whites of cauliflower and mushrooms.

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6 Tricks for Dealing with Halloween Treats

Zone Tricks to Control Halloween TreatsHalloween is just around the corner, but it doesn’t have to be a dieting nightmare. Here are a few tricks on how to take the fright out of dealing with all those treats.

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5 Zone Pasta Dishes at 400 Calories or Less

Low Calorie PastaRx DishesThe thought of dinner for many of us doesn’t cross our minds until the end of the workday or during our commute home. If you’re like me, the beginning of the week is easier having come off a weekend of grocery shopping and meal planning,  but by mid-late week things start to fizzle.

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6 Steps to Get You in the Zone in 24-Hours

Get in the Zone in 24 HoursAlways eat a Zone meal or snack within one hour after waking. A Zone meal should control hunger for about 4-6 hours, and a Zone snack…

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5 Easy Breakfasts to Start Your Day Right

5 Easy Healthy BreakfastsMany of us are creatures of habit when it comes to our breakfast routine but why wait until the weekend to switch things up? Here are 5 simple Zone breakfasts to start your day right.

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7 Ways to Keep Weight Off When You’re In a Relationship

Keep Weight Off While in a RelationshipWhile marriage may bode well for adding years to our lives and happiness, when it comes to our waistlines, it’s not so much the fairy-tale ending we were hoping for. Even though striking a balance with food in your relationship can be tough, making healthy options available more often than not leaves room for the occasional indulgence so you don’t have to feel deprived. Here are some ways that both you and your mate can avoid packing on the pounds together and still reap the happiness that comes from being together.

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Back-to-School Eating

Control Back to School EatingThe circulars are out, and the commercials have begun. Sad to say, but back-to-school time is near. For those just beginning their college career, I’m sure the dreaded term “Freshman 15” has already been uttered. While this number is inflated, the reality is that over the course of one’s college career, weight gain is likely to occur, just more to the tune of 5 to 10 pounds. Rather than starting the school year thinking the odds are stacked against you, a few simple tips make this one course you can Ace while keeping your energy high and weight in check!

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The Flavors of Summer

The Flavors of SummerFor those of us who enjoy fresh foods, you can’t beat the flavors of summer. The wide availability of great-tasting produce and fresh herbs makes it easy to incorporate them into almost every dish. Couple this with our increased awareness of locally grown and organic versus conventional, wild versus farmed, and grass-fed versus corn-fed, and it’s no wonder that Farmers’ Markets have nearly doubled in the past 10 years.

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The Importance of Staying Hydrated

The Importance of Staying HydratedNo matter the weather or season, keeping our bodies hydrated is critical. Water helps to regulate our body temperature, keeping us cool in the summer and comfortable during the winter. With summer here, it’s a good time to visit the topic of hydration as severe temperatures dehydrate the body quickly, increasing our fluid needs even when we may not feel thirst.

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How Sleep Affects Our Health

Sleep Habits Effect Our HealthIf you were asked to list some of the consequences of sleep deprivation, you may think decreased productivity, irritability, nodding off while driving, even on-the-job errors, but what about chronic disease? Many of us are familiar with how lack of sleep can influence our daily routines, but when it comes to our overall health, that’s a different story.

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The Color of the Zone

Zone Foods Coloring Represents Needed NutritionFruits and vegetables pack a nutrient punch, but the key to their nutrition is not only vitamins and minerals but also the polyphenols they contain. Polyphenols are naturally occurring compounds in plants that are produced for their self-protection against the sun and disease. They have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties so the greater our consumption, the more health benefits we stand to gain. Here I’ll break down what each color has to offer, but the main thing to remember is to aim for a rainbow of colors in your diet so you can reap all their benefits.

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Summer Eating

Eating Healthy Through the SummerThose of us in New England have been ready to shed our winter clothes for some time, and the recent temperatures Memorial Day Weekend were a great way to kick off the summer season.  Even though we still have a few more weeks until the “official” start of summer, it’s a good time to share some tips so that you and your family can enjoy the season without putting on extra pounds.

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Your Food Journal

As you start your journey to greater health, your zone food journal will be the most important tool you can utilize. Play the video below to learn about food journals.

Body Fat Measurements

Don’t get hung up on the scale. Often you are decreasing body fat while slowly increasing muscle mass, so the scale may not show a difference. Play the video below to learn about body-fat measurements.

How to Make a Zone Meal

Creating the perfect Zone meal is simple with the correct proportions of low-fat proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables. Play the video below to learn how to make a Zone Meal.


Polyphenols are important antioxidants, which also provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Play the video below to learn about the ways to incorporate them into your diet.


Omega-3s are supplements that are important to incorporate into your diet to help reduce inflammation and for overall health. Play the video below to learn how.

Physical Activity

Diet is important for weight loss, but exercise is important for weight maintenance and feeling better. Simple activities, such as household chores or a brief walk, are a great start. Play the video below to learn more.