Recovery and performance

Athletic training and competition increase inflammation. Your ability to recover from exercise-induced inflammation is controlled by your diet.

Our recommended products for the resolution of inflammation caused by training and competition are OmegaRx Sport, MaquiRx and Zone PastaRx. The Zone PastaRx is the ideal post-workout recovery meal and is ideally suited for maintaining stable blood-sugar levels throughout the day to maintain better performance.


Dr. Barry Sears – The Zone Diet and Athletic Performance


Tom CrossTom Cross

Tom Cross is an endurance athlete who began following the Zone in 1992 preparing for his first marathon. Since then, he has completed the Hawaiian Ironman, won the Sea to Summit Triathlon 3 times, ran a 50-mile mountain-marathon in Colorado, and at the age of 58, will attempt his first 100-mile ultra-trail race in the mountains of Utah and Idaho. Read More


George VisgerGeorge Visger

For the first time in 20 years, I can look forward to a better future. Without the support of Dr. Sears and the Zone, I think my future would have been very bleak. Six former NFL players have committed suicide the last four years, and all were diagnosed with CTE, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, a degenerative disease of the brain caused by repeated blows to the head. Read More


Dean KarnazesDean Karnazes

In 1999 I read a book called “The Zone” by Dr. Barry Sears. As an athlete, I had experimented with all types of diets in the past in hopes of improving my performance. A friend of mine recommended that I read “The Zone” so I did. That one book profoundly influenced my life. I adopted the Zone Diet and found that not only was my performance improving, I was recovering more quickly. Read More