Signs of aging are a consequence of inflammation

Aging can be best understood as a mismatch between turning on inflammation and turning it off. The anti-inflammatory Zone Diet is; therefore, your best ally in slowing down the aging process.

Our recommended products for turning off inflammatory responses are OmegaRx 2 and MaquiRx. The recommended product in the anti-inflammatory Zone Diet for losing excess body fat that increases inflammation is the Zone PastaRx.

Watch Dr. Barry Sears discuss slowing aging and reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease…


Fabio GiacominiFabio Giacomini – Surfboarder Slows Down the Human Aging Process

Fabio Giacomini is a well-known Italian surfboard and paddleboard shaper and president of the Italian Sup and Surfing Federation. He decided to try and see if he could feel stronger and healthier by following the Zone. He’s also followed the Zone anti-aging program, which slows down the natural human aging process. (Read More)


For a more scientific perspective, read Dr. Sears’ presentation on The Use of Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition to Slow the Aging Process.