Anyone Can Have Insulin Resistance

Dr. Sears' Blog: Anyone Can Have Insulin Resistance

We think of insulin resistance as only being associated with diabetes. It is true that 100% of both diabetics and pre-diabetics (i.e., those with metabolic syndrome) have severe insulin resistance. These two groups account for more than 100 million Americans. However, you don’t have to be diabetic to have insulin resistance, as 16% of normal weight individuals have it too. About 40% of obese individuals are insulin resistant putting them midway between diabetics and normal weight individuals.  This is why the levels of insulin resistance are a pathway that goes from normal weight to obesity and then to diabetes. 

The easiest way to tell the degree of insulin resistance you may have is to take the Zone Insulin Resistance Quiz.

What Do You Do If You Have Insulin Resistance?

Left untreated, insulin resistance eventually leads to obesity and diabetes. That’s why I developed PastaRx several years ago. Although PastaRx looks and tastes like regular pasta, it was invented to reduce insulin resistance. I used my 40-year background in intravenous drug delivery technology for cancer drugs to build a protein cage to surround a carbohydrate core. The end result is changing the location in the gut where both protein and carbohydrates are absorbed just like gastric bypass surgery. In the process, satiety hormones from the gut are released and go directly to brain to say “stop eating.” As a result, PastaRx is should really be considered a “super-protein” that generates twice the satiety compared to regular protein.

How Do You Know If PastaRx is Working?

After eating a single meal using PastaRx as your protein source, you will have no hunger or fatigue for the next five hours because of the enhanced secretion of these powerful satiety hormones. It doesn’t matter if you are diabetic, overweight, or even an elite athlete. If you aren’t hungry because of increased satiety, you consume fewer calories. If you consume fewer calories, you lose body fat. If you lose body fat, then your blood sugar, blood lipids and blood pressure will all be reduced.

PastaRx Should Be Your Vegetable Helper

Getting people to eat vegetables is a Herculean task. Yet, this is a key factor for the Zone Diet since vegetables have an exceptionally low glycemic load and are rich in polyphenols and fermentable fiber.

Placed on a plate by themselves, vegetables will usually sit there for weeks. Add the same vegetables to a bowl containing pasta, and they’ll be gone in minutes. Using PastaRx as a replacement for protein, it is incredibly easy to make hundreds of meals that make the Zone Diet easier than ever to follow for a lifetime.

In two recent clinical studies, we demonstrated replacing regular pasta with PastaRx resulted in dramatic reductions in insulin resistance and a corresponding fat loss. Those results we expected. What was unexpected was that the subjects eating the PastaRx also gained significant amounts of muscle mass at the same time.

PastaRx Does More Than Simply Reduce Insulin Resistance

Although PastaRx is remarkable in reducing insulin resistance, it has great potential in three other unexpected areas:

  1. Athletic performance – PastaRx can reduce excess fat and build muscle, all while athletes get to enjoy eating a food they love.
  1. Childhood nutrition – For a child after age six months, eating PastaRx is an excellent way to get protein needed for a rapidly growing body. Plus, it’s the ideal finger food.
  1. Elder nutrition – For the elderly, consuming adequate amounts of protein maintains their muscle mass to reduce the frailness associated with aging.

Why Choose Zone PastaRx?

  • It’s the evolution of the Zone Diet – Using PastaRx as your protein source in a Zone meal allows you to more effectively control the hormones in the gut, blood and the brain that control appetite and maintain stable blood sugar levels.
  • It’s convenient – Zone meals are incredibly easy to prepare using PastaRx as your protein source.
  • It makes life simple – PastaRx provides hormonal control without hunger or fatigue for a lifetime, while you eating meals you enjoy.

I have invented unique technologies in my life, but I think PastaRx may be the cleverest one that I have ever developed. I hope that you agree. Try more than 100 Zone PastaRx recipes and let me know what you think. The only thing you have to lose by trying PastaRx is your hunger and fatigue.

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About Dr. Barry Sears

Dr. Barry Sears is a leading authority on the impact of the diet on hormonal response, genetic expression, and inflammation. A former research scientist at the Boston University School of Medicine and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Sears has dedicated his research efforts over the past 45 years to the study of lipids. He has published 40 scientific articles and holds 14 U.S. patents in the areas of intravenous drug delivery systems and hormonal regulation for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. He has also written 14 books, including the New York Times #1 best-seller "The Zone". His books have sold more than 6 million copies in the U.S. and have been translated into 22 different languages.


  1. Grace

    I have to be gluten free due to an allergy. Are you working to come up with a gluten free version of Pasta RX? What’s a good substitute in the meantime?

  2. Barry Sears

    Zone pasta changes the entire dynamics of balancing a Zone meal since the satiety properties of this new form of protein is twice that of regular protein. I would treat a serving of the PastaRx as your entire protein requirements for that meal and then fill the rest of the plate with low glycemic carbs, non-starchy carbs being the best choice

  3. RC

    How do you count the Zone pasta regarding “zone blocks”? Does this count as your carb serving? Also, which book gives most detail in regards to weight loss process?

    • Denis Sullivan

      RC – You don’t really need to worry about blocks with the Zone pasta but for the record there are 3 blocks of carbs and 3 blocks of protein in a 60gm dry serving. Adding non-starchy vegetables adds an insignificant amount of carbs to the meal but a lot of tastiness. Don’t forget a dash of extra virgin olive oil. All of Barry’s books give answers to the fat loss process but if you want one book, start by reading ‘The Age-Free Zone’. It talks about everything but bear in mind it was published in 2000! Then read ‘Toxic Fat’ and then read ‘The Mediterranean Zone’ (which has some great receipes). Chances are you will then know more about a healthy diet than your doctor!


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