Breast Cancer and Inflammation

Breast cancer is probably the greatest fear women have, even though they are 10 times more likely to die from heart disease. Yet both diseases are driven by cellular inflammation. Cellular inflammation occurs when the most primitive part of your immune system (the innate immune system) is activated. The key player in the innate immune… Read more »

Another Good Reason To Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

Your grandmother always told you, you couldn’t leave the table until you ate all your vegetables. She was giving you the essence of reducing your chances of dying from cardiovascular disease. The trouble with testing any dietary hypothesis (even Grandma’s advice on vegetables) is the complexity of understanding nutrition. Unlike drugs, which are based on… Read more »

Try The Team Approach To Nutrition

One of the problems with nutrition is that it is too complex for simple thinking. Unlike drugs, which are designed to inhibit a particular target enzyme, nutrients often work in combinations like a team operating at the genetic level. When you try to apply drug-like thinking (i.e. one compound has to do all the work)… Read more »

Increased Satiety: The Real Secret To Weight Loss

Satiety is defined as lack of hunger. If you aren’t hungry, then cutting back calories is easy. Unfortunately, Americans seem to be hungrier than ever. This is not caused by a lack of willpower but due to hormonal imbalances in the hypothalamus that tell the brain to either seek more food or spend time on… Read more »

Want To Lose Weight? Eat Like Our Paleolithic Ancestors

A recent article appeared in the British Journal of Nutrition that gives an updated estimate of what diet (i.e. Paleolithic) our ancestors may have eaten during the time from their first appearance in Africa some 200,000 years ago until they started leaving Africa 100,000 years later (1). This is important because this type of diet… Read more »

Weight Loss or Fat Loss? It Makes A Difference

With the New Year comes the guaranteed resolution for most people to lose weight. Invariably that resolution is usually abandoned some time in February. Part of the reason is that we really don’t know what we are talking about when it comes to weight loss.

Good Thing I Listened To Dr. Sears

By Mary Dinehart-Perry:  Having recently delivered a baby, I was surprised to see the latest article published in the Journal of The American Medical Association that fish oil supplementation rich in DHA has no impact on postpartum depression or cognitive and language development in early childhood. The study looked at approximately 2,400 Australian women who… Read more »

Study: High-Dose, High-Purity Omega-3 Fish Oil Lowers Breast Cancer Risk

Breast cancer accounts for more than 25 percent of all female cancers. Breast cancer is also strongly linked to obesity. This means as our obesity crisis accelerates, we can expect breast cancer rates to follow. The reason that breast cancer and obesity are linked is due to cellular inflammation caused by the diet. Nothing contained… Read more »

For Losing Weight, Exercise Is Good; Diet Is Better

Here’s standard quote: “Losing weight can improve health and reduce many of the risk factors related to diabetes and heart disease.” Unfortunately, that’s not true. The correct statement is “losing excess body fat can improve health and reduce many of the risk factors related to diabetes and heart disease.” It may seem like a minor… Read more »

High-Purity Omega-3 Fish Oil Only Works If You Take Enough

On Aug. 29, the New England Journal of Medicine published an electronic article stating that giving supplements of EPA and DHA to people with a prior heart attack had no benefits on preventing future cardiovascular events (1). Of course, this article states the reason is that current drugs the patients are receiving are so good… Read more »