Exercise recommendations increased for women

Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly add one more thing to your plate each day, the Journal of the American Medical Association boosts the physical activity recommendations for women. The latest study suggests that for women to be successful in maintaining normal weight and gaining fewer pounds, they need to exercise for about 60… Read more »

Get motivated to move

No matter what area of the country we live in, there are always obstacles that hinder our ability to keep up with our exercise routines. Loss of motivation can stem from living in New England during the winter months with the cooler temperatures and shorter daylight hours or living in the South in the middle… Read more »

Examining sloth and gluttony at the genetic level

The common refrain for treating obesity is simply “eat less and exercise more”. With obesity rates increasing, how is it possible that so many Americans seem to be unable to follow such simple instructions? The answer may lie in our genes. Nothing contained in this blog is intend to be instructional for medial diagnosis or… Read more »

Are you ready for some football?

Next to Thanksgiving, Superbowl Sunday is the second most popular day to consume an abundance of food. Americans consume about 15,000 tons of chips and 4,000 tons of popcorn on this day. No wonder only one-third make it to the end of January sticking to their resolutions! Whether you have religiously stuck to your News… Read more »