Give your second brain a chance

Most people think of the brain as the primary organ that does all of the information processing for the body. Actually, you have a second brain that is just as important. This second brain is your gastrointestinal (GI) tract that constantly senses dietary input and sends the resulting information to the brain to tell it… Read more »

Think before taking that next bite

The Mediterranean diet emphasizes consumption of fruits, vegetables, fish, olive oil, and legumes with limited intakes of dairy, meat and saturated fats. The benefits of the Mediterranean diet are well known from reducing heart disease and diabetes, to improving cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and weight control. A new study may add to the growing list… Read more »

An update on our origins

About eight years ago I wrote a section in “The OmegaRx Zone” on the origins of our species. At the time it was becoming known that genetically every human on the face of the earth had extremely similar genes. In fact, the size of that genetic pool was only about 1,000 individuals. I wrote that… Read more »

Examining sloth and gluttony at the genetic level

The common refrain for treating obesity is simply “eat less and exercise more”. With obesity rates increasing, how is it possible that so many Americans seem to be unable to follow such simple instructions? The answer may lie in our genes. Nothing contained in this blog is intend to be instructional for medial diagnosis or… Read more »

Ways to prevent vegetable overload

Many times I get questions from Zoners who are aghast at all the favorable carbohydrates they think they have to consume at each meal. Here’s an example: “I’m a little bit confused about vegetable portion sizes. You say that 4 cups of mushrooms equals one block, 2 green peppers equal one block, 10 cups of… Read more »

High purity omega-3 oil may be alternative to anti-psychotic drugs

The risks of anti-psychotic medications are well documented, especially in young adults, making safer alternatives highly desired. A study published recently in the Archives of General Psychiatry shows promise for individuals with psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia (1). In a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial (the gold standard), 81 individuals 13-25 years of age were randomized to receive… Read more »

Statins for everyone?

We are led to believe that statins are the greatest drugs the pharmaceutical industry has ever developed. It is true that they are the most profitable drugs ever developed, but they only reduce cardiovascular mortality by about 20 percent compared to a placebo. This means that about 80 percent of the people taking statins to… Read more »